Ideation & Prototyping

Process Blog

Week #2: Endangered Animal 

For my endangered animal I decided to create the Blackburn's Sphinx Moth, which is a moth found only in Hawai'i. It has a wingspan of 5inches and is declared endangered both Federally and by State. I created this using cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags, tape and zip ties. 

Week #3: 50 Shades, Wireless Mouse 

For the 50 Shades assignment, I centered it around my mouse. My mouse is a piece of technology that I use everyday for hours on end, and I thought it would be fun to try to see it different ways.

Week #4: Translating Affordance 

Translating Affordance of the mobile puzzle game "Flow Free". Used tiles with pegs, and yarn to recreate the app in a physical form.

Week #6: Time Capsule Part 2 

This week our assignment was to create a prototype of our time capsule. I had a fun time with this because I got to study a little bit of a console I grew up with and loved as a child. I made my time capsule a Nintendo Gamecube and tried to mirror the disc compartment opening mechanism as a way to open my time capsule.