Media Law

Grey Work Projects

"A grey work is not overtly legal or illegal; it is somewhere in between.  Its legality can be argued either way depending upon the relevant law cases."  

- Beth Rosenberg 

Just a Supreme Brick

(Copyright Grey Work)

 I would display the Supreme brick as an art piece and try to sell it.  I think this creates a good grey area in copyright laws as the art piece can also be transformative enough that it falls under fair use but is still obviously a Supreme brick. I think it can be legal in that this can be seen as a parody or satire of the original product. 

Sphere Watermelon Mould

(Patent Grey Work)

My patent grey work is a watermelon mould in the shape of a perfect sphere. In 2013, a patent was given for square watermelon moulds.  It is a matter of patent infringement or patentability.

The International Cartoon Network

(Trademark Grey Work)

My Trademark Grey Work project is a TV channel that shows cartoons from different countries in different languages with English subtitles. The International Cartoon Network, and the logo will be very similar to Cartoon Network’s logo as it incorporates Cartoon Network’s logo into it. I think this could be a grey work because while Cartoon Network is pretty well known, it’s trademark is a description of its services.