Week#1: Fantasy Device

The fantasy device Derek, Chereen and I came up with last week was a gun that could created objects that the user thinks of. The idea is that the device would be attached to the user's head via a wire and would fire out the object the user was thinking of. 

The idea that you could create anything you could think of was appealing. However, after thinking about the design and functions a bit more, I realized it's purpose was to vague and could essentially be used for anything. So I wanted to give it a more specific purpose. I repurposed the goal of the device to not only help creators who don't have artistic skills bring their ideas to life digitally, but to hopefully also eliminate miscommunication between creators and developers or engineers. I also want to limit what it creates from both digital and physical to just digital. 

I also altered some of the features and designs a little. 

For the new design I rethought of what it means to translate the ideas in your head to a digital medium. The term I immediately thought of was "scan and print". This lead me to look into the design of scanners and printers.

From there, I started playing around with more designs and decided on a helmet/goggle, similar to a VR headset. I also looked into how brainwave measuring equipment looked like and tried to combine the two. 


Scan and Print/Display User's designs to a digital medium

Real Time "re-imagining"/editing

Save to the cloud or to the app

While you are imagining the design, a preview of the design will appear to you like in VR, and you can make immediate changes to the design by just thinking about it. The device will be able to save the design to the cloud or to the user's phone via an app. 

One worry might be the invasion of privacy while wearing it. One feature I thought of that could help with this is the presence of a record button. Similar to taking videos, the device will only "scan" while the record button is pressed and will stop when recording has stopped.