Week #3: 50 Shades, Wireless Mouse

Corsair RGB Wireless Mouse

For my 50 Shades assignment, I decided to center it around my mouse. I picked the mouse as this is a piece of technology that I use everyday for hours on end. I also wanted to mostly stick with pencil and paper. For the first few sketches, I wanted to get the mouse from every angle possible to see all the shapes that make up the mouse. From there I used those shapes and tried to stretch them or shrink them to make different renditions. Another thing I did was seeing what the shape of the mouse looked like and drawing with that. For example, when looking at the mouse from the bottom, it kind of looks like a person with a mask. As I got towards the end, I was running out of ideas on different ideas for the mouse. That's when I realized that even though a mouse is physical, it also controls something in the digital world.

Sketch Guide:

This was a really fun assignment because it not only allowed me to experiment with what I know and am familiar with, it helped me exercise my creativity. I had to forget what I knew about the mouse and think outside the box.