Week #5: Time Capsule Part 1


For this week's time capsule assignment, I decided to focus on my interest and pursuit of games and game designing. I had different ideas of stories I wanted to tell, but I decided to focus on this since it is the most relevant in my current life. Because I decided on a story first, I found it was pretty easy to find items that supported this story. I thought of telling this story like a normal story, with a beginning, middle, and end. I'm also glad I kept most of my stuff, cause it made it a little easier to gather items.

The Beginning

When I was younger, I remember spending every waking hour on my Nintendo DS. I even snuck it into school just to continue progressing on the games I was playing. This was also the console where I spent a lot of time bonding (and fighting) with my brother over games. 

The next is a deck of cards from the Trading Card Game, Yu-Gi-Oh! This was a card game everyone playing from elementary school to the beginning of high school. This was a game that showed me the social aspects of games at a young age as I made a lot of my closest friends through this game. 

The Middle

In the middle is League of Legends, which occupied most of my teen years. It was also the game that showed me the potential and the future of gaming and E-sports. I picked a cosmetic in-game coupon card that I got during the League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals at Madison Square Garden in 2015.

The End (?)

The next item is an Arduino programmed to act as an NES emulator. Even though most of the programming was available online, this was the first item that I made where I learned how to work with Arduinos to play games. 

These next items are items that are most relevant to me in terms of gaming and game designing. The first is actually a photo of my first game jam at the GGJ which was held at Magnet by NYU. This is where I fell in love with the process of ideating, playtesting and creating games. The community was welcoming and I knew that this was what I wanted to pursue. 

The last item is the last game that I played that really left an impact on me. I spent the entirety of my summer in lockdown playing this game. Persona 5 and the entire Persona series is draws heavy aspects from Psychology and the idea of a Persona. Though it is not a perfect game by any means,  Persona 5 opened my eyes to the possibilities of games and how games could incorporate ideas from various fields.