Week #6: (Midterm Part 1) Character Study


For my midterm I wanted to start anew. I wanted to go for a dark gritty/spooky vibe since the midterm kind of aligned with Halloween. I had a lot of ideas and am still having a hard time deciding which one to do. 

Storyboard: Veteran on a train

The idea for this character is a jaded veteran in a post apocalyptic city going through the train system. He is exhausted and dehydrated, and goes into a train cart to take a rest. He takes out his water bottle and swishes around what little water he has. He is about to drink when he sees a stray dog in the cart approaching him. Despite his lips cracking from dehydration, he gives a little bit of the water to the dog, and drinks the rests. He pets the dog and continues on his way.

Camera shot ideas: 

Camera looking at the door connecting the carts. The door opens as the veteran enters the cart

Camera looking at the veteran as he sits down from the side

POV from the veteran looking at the dog approaching down the middle of the cart

Camera from where the veteran was sitting when he walks away


Overall dark vibe with dim lights scattered across the cart

I would be using the following Unreal Marketplace asset for the majority

Storyboard: OCD Ghost Whisperer

This character is about an OCD office worker, who can see ghosts. He wakes up perfectly on time before his alarm, and is very organized. He wakes up and goes through his morning routine, and makes breakfast. The camera is angled in such a way that shows him having breakfast with someone, but the other person is very blurry. He then gathers the plates, drop them in the sink and goes off to work. He locks the door and checks it twice to make sure its locked before he walks off. 

Because I couldn't decide on which idea to do, I worked on both simultaneously. I'll decide on one idea and continue the work on it.