Week #2: World Building Part 1

During the group brainstorming process, the narrative my group and I came up with was the idea of three characters stuck in a love triangle. 

The mushroom, the bread, and the fox went to a beach house party in a Minecraft server to find true love. Afterwards, when the server crashes, they meet up in real life and find out that they were all piñatas. It was difficult trying to come up with a world idea for this narrative, so I decided to just take it literally for now.

I started with creating the Minecraft world first, and luckily enough found a tutorial video explaining how to do that. 

He also used StarterContent assets to create it which was even better.

UE4 Minecraft Dirt Block Tutorial 

UE4 Minecraft Terrain Generation 

UE4 Minecraft Dirt Block Upgrade Tutorial 

UE4 Minecraft Terrain Generation p2 

I'm still trying to fully understand how some of the things he did works, but following along I was able to create a Minecraft style landscape.

I looked up some Minecraft beach houses and really liked the simplicity and look of the last one and used that as the basis for the Minecraft party house.  I tried a sunset SkyBox but didn't like how it looked so I changed it to daytime. I think the daytime lighting fits the vibe of a party beach house more.

I also find organizing to be pretty fun, so I enjoyed making the material/blueprint nodes look neat and organized.

Dirt Block Diffuse Material

Minecraft Dirt Block

Blueprint Nodes

(I tried my best here but there's just too many connections)

The most challenging and fun part of creating this was definitely the Minecraft "tile-based" landscape. Next steps would be to add lighting and furniture inside the house, as well as some greenery and props on the island.