Week #12: Final Progress and Updates

This week, I focused on creating the Bioluminescent Cavern. Initially I was going to use the Soul Cave free Asset and just blocking out lights and changing the color, but I wanted to exercise my creative brain a little, so I created my own cavern using the meshes from the Soul Cave asset. I would also like to think that I am getting used to Source Control, but we'll find out tomorrow if I did everything correctly or not. I also saved the OSC exercise till the end, which was a mistake because I got too caught up making the cavern and did not have time to do the OSC exercise. 

I started with the landscape tool and created a rough wall outline for the cavern. I found a piece from the Soul Cave asset that was a pillar with a slight curve to it. Because it was also larger in size, I used this to create the main shape of the walls. I then placed some flat pieces of rock as the ceiling and some stalagmites randomly on the ceiling. After the cavern was fully enclosed, I changed the light to a light teal/blue to make it look more mystical like the images for the inspiration for the cavern.

After the light in the cavern was changed to the light teal, I started placing shrubbery and rocks to create a more "natural" layout.  There was also a waterfall particle system included in the Soul Cave asset, so I used that and created a plane of Water to make a small area of flowing water and a pond. 

For the coming week, I plan on finishing up the cavern completely. This would include adding a material to the landscape and possibly adding some luminescent sea animals. I also have to figure out what to do with the entrance, which I will ask during class tomorrow.