Week #14: Story Pitches, In Class Multi-User Editing Session, Take Recorder into Sequencer, Virtual Camera

First thing I did was complete the Live Link for Performance Capture course. It was very interesting to see and I tried to follow along, but my Unreal was not cooperating at all this week. It kept crashing and after trying for a few days, I decided to just finish the course and move on with other stuff first. So for the Final, I decided to work on the Butterfly Throne, as well as the bioluminescent cave. I am still thinking of ideas for the bioluminescent cave. However, I did get started on a design for the butterfly throne. I would like the throne to be grand and inspiring and I figured giant butterfly wings in the back were the way to go.

I used two STL files that I obtained from Thingiverse and imported them to blender. 

Once I had these two, I just wanted to play around with sizes and colors on each object. At first I tried to go for a dark throne color with a bright butterfly, but it looks weird to me for some reason. So I decided to make the entire throne chair teal with hints of black. 

 I am also looking into different butterfly color palettes to experiment with. I am thinking a few splashes of pink, purple, or red on the teal might look good to.

Another idea could be to create a new throne chair entirely out of butterflies, similar to this one. I will try to create something like this with the butterfly models I got from thingiverse.

Inspiration for the Bioluminescent Cave

I imagine most of the glow can be done with lighting in UE4, but I would have to look into it more and experiment. For the overall atmosphere and lighting I have a feeling it will be similar to what I had to do in my midterm. Where I created a box around the outside of the set to block out the world's directional light. The Megascan assets will be a huge help with this set.