Week #8: Composure


Demonstrate your understanding of the pipeline by using composure to composite tracked video footage with a virtual environment.

For this week, I filmed a short recording of a table, and went through the regular work flow of AE -> Maya. From Maya I exported the 3D Camera Tracker, and the solid as an FBX and then imported the camera tracking into UE4. From there following the zoom recording and the slides, I created a New Comp, added a Media Player and CG Element. Added the recorded media into UE4, and created layers from the models I created. Then I set the layer to match in the cg element. Here is where I noticed that the tracking was a bit off, but I couldn't figure out why. So I just kept following along the videos and exported only the CG Element by dragging the element into the Sequencer and rendering out ComposureExport. Then I imported the OpenEXR files into AE and created an OpenEXR Sequence, layered it on top of the original footage and rendered it out.