Week #7: Match Motion II: Maya


I filmed a quick video of an empty table. My idea was to use the donut that I modelled following a blender tutorial. My original video with a coffee cup was unusable, saying Analysis failed when the 3D Camera Tracker was added. So I had to film another video. After determining the ground and creating a solid in After Effects, I sent the camera over to Maya via the Live Link. 

Then the solid was sent through, and it appeared in Maya but it was microscopically tiny. So I just scaled it up. Then for the video, I converted it into a PNG Sequence with Adobe Media Encoder, and created an Image Plane, Image Sequence in Maya. After scrubbing through the footage and confirming it was all good, I created a plane on top of the solid from After Effects and then a square plate. Then I imported the donut obj file into Maya. It didn't transfer perfectly, and I couldn't figure out why. 

Blender Donut

Donut Imported into Maya

There was also just one frame where the solid seems to shift a little bit, showing the blue solid from After Effects underneath. I'm not quite sure why this happened, I made sure the FPS was synced properly and the models were snapped onto the grid.

I also tried to render the sequence in Maya into maybe an avi or png sequence, but for some reason the render window showed the objected being black. I thought this was because there was no light source for the render so I added one but it did not help. So I just recorded my screen with OBS instead.