Week #4: Sequencer and Camera Movement

I wanted the camera to be from the perspective of someone who is visiting and seeing this kingdom for the first time.

Working with Sequencer for this week's assignment was challenging and fun. One thing mistake I did was placing key points by feel. This resulted in the camera movement being uncomfortably fast and dizzying. I also tried multiple camera cuts and trying to blend them together. I ended up confusing myself with all the cameras and where to blend and where to put key points, so I stuck with a single linear camera. I wanted to walk around the world and end it at the castle. There are still some parts of the movement that I'm not too happy with, (movements is certain areas are too quick and seem unnatural), but overall I am happy with the result. I realized the entire thing took a lot longer than I had initially expected. I was expecting it to take one minute to show the world, but it ended up taking twice that amount.


Another interesting thing was rendering the video. I'm not too familiar with video editing nor post video processing so this was all new to me. I created both avi and png sequences through UE4. For the png sequence, I used Adobe After Effects to stitch it back together to an avi.

 The end file size was 1gb through UE4 and 21gb through Adobe. Of course the quality was also effected.